Special valves and industrial systems

over 60 years of experience and know-how in the design of high quality innovative valves and systems for the control of fluids in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power gen and polymer manufacturing processes.


Chemical- Pharma - Polymers

  • Infrared reaction monitoring (PAT - patented system)
  • Reaction block (killer)
  • Tank washing (toxic fluids)
  • Reactor bottom discharge
  • Sampling and dosing
  • Line blinding
  • Zero emissions  in atmosphere

Power gen - Pulp&Paper

  • Steam conditioning
  • Severe service applications
  • By-pass turbine
  • Blow-down
  • Drain
  • Flow and pressure control
  • Vent in atmosphere

Petrochemical - Oil&Gas

  • Fluid interception
  • Tight shut off
  • Control for high drop conditions
  • Fluid distribution
  • Steam injection
  • Liquefied gas transport by truck (Iso Tank)
  • High temperature < 1200°C
  • ManiFlow
  • Exchange systems
  • Automatic pump recirculation


La Tecnovalvo srl, a company founded in 1956, is a market leader in design, production and distribution of special valves for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, polymers and similar industries processes.


All our products are designed for
  • controlling,
  • isolating,
  • diverting and sampling fluids
  • powders.


La Tecnovalvo srl is committed every day to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of products and services. 

Quality "Made in Italy".