SwitchPlug TM

Diverter valve characterized by three outlets and one inlet. Used in refineries for delayed coking thanks to the perfect seal and adaptability to high temperatures.

Automatic Recirculation Valve

The primary purpose is to protect centrifugal pumps by always guaranteeing a minimum flow inside the pump.
The valve combines the functions of a control valve, automatic by-pass control valve and letdown within a single body.

Diverter valve

The function is to split, divert, combine or isolate process fluids into one or more streams.
They can have multiple inputs and outputs (up to a maximum of 8) and bi-directional.
The piston system guarantees a constant cleaning of the ducts avoiding the contamination of the products, accumulation of coke, agglomerates, reducing the interventions of fluxing.

Spray rinse valve

Developed for removing residues from tank or reactor walls without accessing the inside. This solution guarantees the safety of personnel working in the presence of toxic fluids and reduces cleaning times.

ManiFlow TM

Suitable for oil field applications to convey oil and gas from multiple wells into a single valve body for testing and analysis.

Cam-Slide TM

The ability for isolating pipelines quickly ensuring the safety of personnel in flare maintenance, loading stations, storage terminal isolation, blast furnace gas lines and FPSO tanks.
It is an advanced system that guarantees absolute insulation in a safe, easy and economical way. Available in different models, with the option of a fluid collection jacket and relative drainage.